Cannel City Union Church

Cannel City Union Church

Cannel City Union Church is an abandoned multi-denominational church in Cannel City, Kentucky.

Cannel City, founded by the Kentucky Block Cannel Coal Company in 1905 as a company town for its nearby coal mines. 2 The company, with 250 miners, operated from 1906 until 1913. The Eureka Cannel Coal Company, also in Cannel City, employed 25 miners and served from 1906 until 1907.

At its height, the Cannel City featured a train depot for the Ohio & Kentucky Railway, several churches, stores, hotels and banks.

After the coal mines were depleted, traffic on the railroad declined. Kentucky Block Cannel Coal Company closed in 1933. 2 The railroad was abandoned shortly after that on November 1, 1933. 3

Mirroring the dwindling economic fortunes, the population of Cannel City declined. Without a sufficient and stable congregation, Cannel City Union Church was vacated in 1961. 1


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