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Mt. Sterling Baptist Church

Mt. Sterling Baptist Church is a closed church in Mt. Sterling, Kentucky. It was one of the first churches organized by the Baptists west of the Allegheny Mountains in 1796.

The first Mt. Sterling Baptist Church, built of round logs, was located near the site of the city’s Mary Chiles Hospital. It was demolished several years later in favor of a more permanent brick structure, which was razed circa 1830. The demolished material was salvaged and used in the construction of Fort Mason nearby.

A replacement church was completed at the cost of $5,200 in July 1871. 1 The congregation voted to move into a more spacious sanctuary in 1914, but with little funds towards the construction of a new church, they instead acquired the residence of the late Mrs. W.F. Hibbler at High Street and Howard Avenue and renovated it into a church at the cost of $40,000. After much saving, a new Mt. Sterling Baptist Church was built at the corner of North Bank and West High Street in 1916.

In 2000, Mt. Sterling Baptist relocated to a new suburban sanctuary. A church from Winchester purchased the property in 2005 and began renovations, but was soon overwhelmed by the amount of work needed and the funds required and abandoned the project. 2 After languishing, the building was bought by the Baptist Worship Center in August 2007.



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I went there as a little girl in the late 50’s. My Dad, John B. Daley, was pastor. Some good memories of the church and living in Mt. Sterling.
Karen Daley Silva

In my Father’sHouse Outreach would love to restore this Jewel back to the community and give it back to the Kingdom of God people Veterans&widows&homeless community&elders&children and generations to come.

I grew up in that church in the late nineties until the new building came along. I was babtized In that building. Seeing these pictures has really brought back memories. I loved that building and I still do. I knew a few church bodies had moved in and out in recent years but I had no idea it was now abandoned. It is a pity. Btw, the new building (near the high school) took all the original stained glass with it. The pieces are preserved in the main auditorium.

My husband and i are looking to start a church in April of 2016 and wanted to know if the church is for sale or rent? If you have a phone number that would be much appreciated

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