Mary Haven Home for Boys threatened with demolition?

Known as the Warren County Orphan Asylum and Children’s Home, the Mary Haven Home for Boys in Warren County, Ohio is threatened with demolition.

Known as the Warren County Orphan Asylum and Children’s Home, the Mary Haven Home for Boys in Warren County, Ohio is a notable historic landmark for the southwestern part of the state. The three-level brick building, in a state of deterioration, could be demolished if the Warren County Commissioners receive their favorable outcome in a court hearing.

The home, funded via a will from Mary Ann Klingling, was completed in December 1874. It served orphaned children and was free of all denominational restraint, and it later became home to a troubled teenager residence before closing in 1995. A non-profit and ministry used the building after its closure, but the Home has been vacant for several years.

In mid-2009, a county resident filed a citizen’s complaint with the Lebanon housing code enforcement office, and approached county commissioners to have the building restored, with the property utilized for its original purpose outlined in the will. A lawsuit was filed against the county. Meanwhile, the county has made a motion to file a lawsuit to terminate the trust, which apparently the county is still bound to, so that it could give the commissioners full rein on the property. If that happens, the property could be demolished, especially in light of the high costs of full rehabilitation.

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Lack of manners! That place ought of been in a lawsuit. Me and of couple of my friends , Could use the money, We had nevious breakdowns and have not recovered thine 1986. And what is the system going to do about that. Ya Know what, I’m a poor little good 45 year old, And thine IV been to Mary Haven. I’ve been mentally ill ever since, And dammit I want something for them making me this way.

You are full of shit! They should of demolished that place back in the early 80s I was there as a troubled teenager in 84 and that place was horrible. Im happy to hear that they tore it down. The place is haunted and the people that ran the place were afull

Demolishing this great building and shelter for children in need, would be the greatest mistake ever. My Grandmother, Inez Crisman and her sister (born in 1888 and 1894 respectively) were here. I didn't know until a few years ago. I took a trip to Lebanon and climbed up to the 3rd floor using the fire escape to peek into the windows. The pictures shown in this article show much more disintergration than when I was there in 2007. I would hope this historic building would be restored and continue to be used to serve children at risk. Can someone tell me who to contact to keep in touch with this and to be a supporter of restoration? My email is

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