Pennsylvania Railroad YMCA

The Pennsylvania Railroad YMCA in East Canton, Ohio served railroad workers for the Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne & Chicago Railway (PFW&C). It provided overnight lodging, baths, meeting space and other accommodations for railroad workers. The PFW&C was operated by the Pennsylvania Railroad Eastern Division.

In September 1918, the Pennsylvania Railroad, under its western lines division, awarded a contract to the Walbridge-Aldinger Company of Detroit, Michigan to construct an engine house, engine terminal facilities, and support structures, including a YMCA, in East Canton. 1 The YMCA was completed in 1920. 2

After the YMCA’s closure, the building was used as part of a junkyard and vacated circa 2012. The complex was demolished in 2017.


Further Reading

  1. A 1998 view of the Pennsylvania Railroad YMCA at the Ohio Railroad Page


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