Pilgrim Glass Company

Pilgrim Glass Company

The Pilgrim Glass Company formerly operated a former hand-blown glass factory in Ceredo, West Virginia.

Alfred Knobler founded the Pilgrim Glass Company after he acquired the Tri-State Glass Manufacturing Company of Huntington in 1949. 1 Knobler held a degree in ceramic engineering and the movement into glass was lucrative. Pilgrim Glass moved to Airport Road in Ceredo in 1956 to be close to Tri-State Airport.

Early production pieces of Pilgrim included hand-blown crackle glass, which was created by immersing the glass into cold water and then quickly reheating it. 1 Cranberry glass, a temperamental combination of gold and lead oxide, led Pilgrim Glass to become the largest producer of cranberry in the world.

After a steady decline in sales and an inability to find a buyer, Knobler closed Pilgrim Glass on April 1, 2002. 1

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  1. A little misleading that this factory was abandoned. The property was sold and no longer has the Pilgrim Glass name on the building. I should know as I along with four other family members worked there!

  2. I visited the factory many times in the 80’s with my parents. I have a blown glass figure of a Panda Bear, my step-father gave me. He was told by a Pilgrim Glass associate it was blown by Aessandro Moretti , this info was written down with descriptions. I also have a glass shark that is signed by Mario Sandon. I an in the process of down sizing my home and wondered it you might be interested in purchasing these or could give me a dollar amount. I can provide pictures if this would help.

  3. I have blue glass piece of pilgrim glass # gs5036 registered in The pilgrim registry and I would like to sell it. Can you give me a price for it?

    Thank you
    Geraldine Woosnam

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