Walnut Creek Junior-Senior High School

Walnut Creek School is an abandoned school in upstate New York.

The first classes in Walnut Creek were held in a one-room schoolhouse on Main Street circa 1823 and later replaced by a two-story building in the early 1860s. 1 The town’s first dedicated grade school opened on Babcock Avenue in 1897.

The local school board purchased land for a junior-and-senior high school on Main Street in 1916 and construction of the new Walnut Creek Junior-Senior High School began in 1920. 1 The new gymnasium opened to the public during a boys basketball game on December 22, 1921, while the new school was finished until mid-January 1922. 2

A much larger high school was built on the outskirts of Walnut Creek in 1958-60 and the former building was repurposed for grades three through six until the 1970s. 1 3



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These are photos of [redacted] in the village of [redacted], NY, in the westernmost county of New York State. There are two creeks, Silver Creek and Walnut Creek, that merge in the village, just before flowing into Lake Erie.

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