Monsour Medical Center Demolition Starts

Frustrated by years of failed attempts to have the Monsour Medical Center demolished, the city of Jeannette and Westmoreland County have teamed up.

Frustrated by failed attempts to have the Monsour family demolish the deteriorated hospital, the city of Jeannette and Westmoreland County have teamed up to tear down the Monsour Medical Center by the summer.

Both Jeannette and Westmoreland signed an agreement of cooperation to work together to secure and begin demolition of the Monsour Medical Center in December 2013. The county applied for a $1 million state grant to tear down Monsour in January 2014 and began making moves to gain ownership of the property through a “free and clear” sale held by a county judge by notifying lien holders of their intent. The city obtained some private funding via the Neighborhood Partnership Program and began demolition of two dilapidated houses near the former hospital in late January.

Work to remove the Monsour Medical Center patient tower and other supporting structures could begin in the summer if the state grant is approved.

Check out the Monsour Medical Center page for a history of the failed hospital and a gallery of exterior and interior photographs »

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