Old Hickory Renovations

I couldn’t believe my eyes. After driving for many miles in lake effect snow, I came upon Old Hickory in Coudersport, Pennsylvania. Work has started to restore this long-neglected landmark into a bed-and-breakfast.

Old Hickory is circa 1880 Italianate residence. The house, once lavishly outfitted inside and outside, was later used as The Old Hickory, an inn and tavern. John Rigas, the founder of Adelphia Communications, purchased Old Hickory Tavern in 1987. He had planned to renovate it into a bed-and-breakfast but never started any restoration. Eventually, Rigas was consumed in an accounting scandal and the property was disposed of.


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That is great news. We need to restore these buildings for the next generation, or they will be forever lost. They are life size museum pieces. Thank you to the new owners that will spend a huge amount of money to restore this beauty instead of bull dozing it.

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