Olympia, Kentucky is an interesting dot on the local map.

Over a 10 minute period on March 3, 1876, a large part of red meat began raining down over Olympia. Referred to as the Kentucky meat shower, the meat was identified as either venison or mutton. Samples that weren’t being quickly devoured by hogs and chicken were sent to Transylvania University in Lexington for further analysis.

The analysis revealed that the meat was lung and muscle tissue, and cartilage.

No explanation was ever formally given, although local lore claims that a flock of buzzards were flying overhead when they disgorged as a group.

Even absent of the meat shower, Olympia is an interesting stop, namely for the old Olympia Christian Church. It’s been abandoned for as long as I can remember and it’s condition has slightly worsened in the past few years due to a severe lean.

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