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Roadside West Virginia

For years I have pas…

For years I have passed by an abandoned roadside curiosity in southern West Virginia. On a Sunday drive through the countryside with my girlfriend, I decided to pull off the road and check out what is a rambling collection of five buildings not expecting to find much.

My suspicions were initially confirmed when we found inside one of the buildings a collection of mattresses, a recliner, and a small kitchen—not exactly all that exciting.

Another structure was barren and on the verge of collapse. But as the saying goes, the third time’s the charm. Peering at a rather unassuming building with its front doors busted in, I stepped inside to find it completely covered in discarded vintage books and magazines. My favorites included the West Virginia State Magazine, a state publication that included rather boastful promotional and historical articles about various cities, development projects, and events. It’s no longer produced and I’m not sure what replaced it.


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My mom got West Virginia Magazine and shared with me and my brother. Loved it! From Missouri.

You sound like my son. He and I went in an old house to be torn down. It had the most beautiful tea set. The best China. I hated to leave it but I had no one to ask. Two weeks later it was all torn down.

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