The Brumaghim Family Farm

Nestled within the verdant expanses of upstate New York, one finds a solitary remnant of the past, an abandoned dwelling dating back to the 1880s. This house is distinguished not just by its age but by the presence of a fiberglass horse standing sentinel on its front lawn. The land on which it rests, having nourished the toils of farmers for well over a century, most recently served as a sanctuary for horses.

The final chapter of its inhabitants unfolds with a rapid departure, propelled by an outstanding debt of $33,000 to the local electricity provider. Within the confines of what once served as an office, one discovers mountains of unpaid bills, a testament to the financial turmoil faced by the last occupants. A bedroom, frozen in time, houses garments carelessly strewn across a bed, while the pantry remains a silent witness to food items left behind in the haste of departure.

The whereabouts of those who once called this place home remain shrouded in mystery, leaving behind only the echoes of their existence amidst the solitude of the abandoned residence.


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For the record, I know EXACTLY where this house sits, as I was an EMT/Firefighter in this area for many years before moving away to Vermont. I always wondered why there was never anyone at this residence, and was curious why there was a fiberglass horse in the front yard.

Curiously, there was someone nearby who kept horses in their attached garage and it was rumored that they allowed the horses into their living room as well. While the horses indeed staying in the attached garage can be easily confirmed, their access to the rest of the house is pure speculation.

Also, I am following your blog. 🙂

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