The Yeager Estate

The Yeager Estate is…

The Yeager Estate is one of those gems that you wish to see restored. Built by Yeager Benjamin in 1936, his mansion featured unique Spanish Revival styling paired with blonde brick with Art Deco patterns and a Mediterranean tile roof. Inside were 32 rooms spread between two floors featuring ornate plaster, fountains, and a basement swimming pool.

The mansion was acquired by the Ahavath Israel Congregation in 1969 and then resold for use as the Respite Villa, a semi-independent home for mentally deficient adults. It was abandoned by 1978. Portions may have been used as an apartment later on, but the building eventually fell back into disrepair.

The Sullivan County Land Bank has acquired the former Yeager Estate. It is engaging with developers and historic preservation experts on ways to create a renovation and redevelopment plan for the property.

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