Thorny Mountain’s Lookout Tower

The Thorny Mountain Fire Tower within the Seneca State Forest in West Virginia is one of the few lookout towers that you can reserve and stay at!

The Thorny Mountain Fire Tower in the Seneca State Forest in West Virginia is one of many historic fire towers that dot the forested landscape. Once a fixture atop peaks across America, they provided housing and protection for individuals whose duty was to search for wildfires. Improvement in radio and cellular technology, the rise of aircraft spotters, and budget cuts have led to the abandonment of many fire lookout towers.

Thorny Mountain ceased operations in 1988 and was abandoned for years until it was recently restored for use as an overnight accommodation for those looking to camp under the stars! It is one of the few places in the United States that offer up this unique opportunity.

If you are as savvy as I am, you’ve already put yourself on the year-long waiting list.

Thorny Mountain Fire Tower
Thorny Mountain Fire Towe

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