Indianapolis City MarketTo be offered beginning in June, the Indianapolis, Indiana Catacomb tours will take the public beneath City Market into mostly unknown catacombs that date to 1886. The cavernous walkways, featuring brick archways and columns of limestone, encompass more than 20,000 square feet and were part of Tomlinson Hall, a structure along Market Street that burned in 1958.

Having been mostly unused except for storage in recent years – and as an emergency homeless shelter during a winter storm of 1912, the tours will open up a part of the city that has been unseen by most, and spark some ideas on a future reuse for the catacombs. Suggestions for reuse include an underground park or nightclub, but a study conducted in the 1990s estimated a cost of more than $7 million just to bring the catacombs up to modern safety standards.

City Market and Indiana Landmarks will offer tours on Saturdays beginning on May 26. In July, tours at midday will be held on Wednesdays. The cost will be $10 per person.

More information on the tours will be posted soon.

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