Buckeye School

The Buckeye School is a former school in Buckeye, Kentucky. The property was later used as a residence and for storage.

The high school opened in May 1919 2 and, along with facilities in Camp Dick Robinson, Lancaster, Mason, and Paint Lick, closed in 1964 when a central Garrard County high school complex was built. 1 The building was reused as an elementary and middle school until 1988. It then became a private residence and was later used for storage before becoming abandoned.



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I attended this school from 3rd grade to 8th grade (the highest it went to at the time) from 1982 to 1988. The class of ’88 was the last before it was closed for good. There were 8 students in the class and 7 graduated to 9th grad (high school). From then on, all children who would normally attend Buckeye elementary were to be bused to the county seat, Lancaster elementary.

Camp Dick, Mason, and Paint Lick were the other elementary schools in the county. At the time I was there, those schools continued to provide services.

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