East Nassau Hebrew Synagogue

The East Nassau Hebrew Synagogue is a formerly closed church in New York. It was the first Orthodox Shul in the region.

The East Nassau Hebrew Synagogue was founded in 1956 by Rabbi Morris Appleman and was the first Orthodox Shul in the region. 3

In 2003, the Torah Academy of Long Island signed a four-year and 11-month lease to operate a school out of the building, and the Academy was expected to buy the building after their lease term expired. 3 The school closed in August over low enrollment. 2

Citing a gradual decline in membership, Rabbi Solomon Appleman opted to sell the synagogue in 2006, 2 but a group of area residents, who claimed to be synagogue members, sued to block the sale. The group wanted to pay the rabbi $1 million to force the sale of the building to them so they could reorganize the congregation with the help of a local Chabad. The rabbi insisted that those who filed the suit were never members of the congregation. 2

The Synagogue closed after the conclusion of High Holy Days in 2006. It ran into controversy when attempting to sell the property to a Korean church in 2009, 1 which was eventually allowed to proceed. As of 2018, the former Synagogue remained shuttered and abandoned.



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