Glen Rogers High School

Glen Rogers High School

The Glen Rogers High School is a former school in the coal-centered community of Glen Rogers, West Virginia.

Glen Rogers High School opened in 1928, with the first graduation ceremony held in 1929 with just two students. 2 In 1951, 1 a new two-story building was constructed at the cost of $172,750. 2

Glen Rogers High closed in 1992 after enrollment dropped under 200 students. 1 The pupils were consolidated into Pineville and Oceana High schools. The building was demolished in 2013 after arson destroyed much of the interior. 2

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  1. So sad how the closed high schools have been left to ruin. I don’t understand why they wasn’t made into shelters for low income, elderly or homeless. People on low income who aren’t able to cook or clean for themselves, go to the grocery store or doctor could have really benefitted from a place like that. Add an elevator in each end of the school would have solved the mobility problem, there is so many things that could have been done with the buildings.

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