M.C. Napier High School

M.C. Napier High School is a former high school along the banks of the North Fork Kentucky River in Hazard, Kentucky. The school was named after M.C. Napier who played for the Hazard Navajos from 1969 to 1973.

Napier High School opened in 1953, 1 with the Sherman Neace Athletic Center constructed later to serve as a gymnasium. The school operated until 1994 when it was consolidated with Dilce Combs High School to form Perry County Central High School. 2

The former Napier High building was reused as a county alternative school until 2005. 1 It was auctioned in July 2007 and has remained abandoned since.



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I went to mc napier. graduated in 1967. all my sisters went to mc napier. is there a way to save the building?

I was a custodian in the year of ninety two until the middle of ninety five and my uncle Lloyd Baker worked longer than I did he helped me get my job by talking to the superintendent of education
I remember principal Richard Russell and all my friends like Herman Campbell and bo combs.and many others. I also had brother and sisters went to school there . I miss it with all my heart.

My name is David d. Baker I was a custodian at that school in the years ninety two through ninety six. With my uncle Lloyd Baker and Herman Campbell and bo combs

I own the school. Lets work together to restore the school. we can use old pictures and restore the school to how the community remembers it. ( just a thought maybe we could turn it into museum). Does anyone remember the phone number to the school?

I’m from the class of 1958. Loved evety minute of the years I spent there and my pack of friends. A special love for my beloved teacher and friend Ursula Davidson. Sitll have my yearbook and even a school newspaper among other treasures. It’s a shame that building has been allowed to self destruct. It could have been something very beautiful and useful. So sad.

Many wonderful memories made in that building. I attended Napier from 1974-1978, and wouldn’t trade if for anything. My son got to attend for 2 years until they combined Napier and Dilce. LOVE THOSE NAVAJOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just from looking at the photos, I doubt a tour because of various health hazards. I went to MC Napier Highschool my freshman (1988) and Sophmore (1989) years. My daughter was on the volley ball team for Perry County Central for her freshman (2010) and. (2011) years, the home games was played at the Sherman Neace Athletic Center beside of MC Napier. My husband went to Hazard High but he always help me pick the trash up around the front of MC Napier before volley ball games and tournaments. It broke my heart to see fallen glory of such a once beautiful and historical building in Perry County. The hallways which I walked as a teenager and the unforgotten memories which I will always cherish.

my brother went to napier and my two nephews jeff and lucas wayne robinson and my son calvin and 4 of my nieces went there to it was a great school
ida bowling dehart

a lot of my family went to napier when harold combs was there my nephew lucas wayne robinson went there until he got sick with cancer and he died after school started back in 1985 it so so sad to see it like this

It’s a shame to let a building like that and books just be destroyed, tax dollars paid for that and it should have been used for something just to have up keep on it

My grandma Anna Lee Napier went to m.c we still have one of her Navajo shirts I’m not sure what years she went to m.c


Many of the comments I read today were very interesting.
MC Napier High School was named after M.C. (“Mitch”) Napier who was at one time the Superintendent of the Perry County Schools. I was so proud to be a member of the first Freshman class that enrolled in the fall 1952. My graduating class (1956), was the first 4 year group to graduate from Napier. I truly treasure my yearbooks and occasionally I take time to sit down and re-live “the great memories” that I have of my classmates and friends..

My father, Vernon Miniard was principal at M C Napier I think in or about 1958 or 1959. We lived in a house beside the school. I attended Combs grade school, but I remember helping the janitor sweep the halls at M C Napier in the evenings. We played in the sand banks along the river below the school.

I attended m.c.napier the first two years it opened…I would love to purchase a year book of either year or both yeaRS…HOPE TO HEAR FROM SOMEONE….

In our senior year at M.C. Napier me and Eddie Pritchard, Steve Miller, Tim Higgins and Ronnie Nix set fire to the stage curtains in room 305. I’m glad they never figured out who done it!

Drove by the school couple weeks ago and it’s very sad to look at. I attended the last day! 1993-1995
I graduated the 2nd class from PCC. Lots of great memories here! Navajo Pride!

Hello, my name is Vince Napier.I didn’t attend MC,but I had family that did.I have seen yearbooks and listen to stories about the life and times of people who went there. My father who was raised in Krypton,only got to go through the 4th grade and then had to work in the coal mines.Later on he moved to Hamilton Ohio. I was wondering if the school is still standing or if they tore it down? I will be in the area next week and I wanted to take some pictures. All help is really appreciated. thankyou so much! Vince

M.C. Napier is in Darfork which is not in the city limits. Looking at these pictures is sad. I have many great memories of my four years within that school.

was mc napier high school in the hazard independent school district? i dont think so but i could be wrong, the address says it was in hazard but if i remember correctly the location was darfork, if anybody can clear that up for me i would appreciate it

Napier was outside limits of Hazard, around Darfork. Always a big rivalry with Hazard city school. Napier was a par of the Perry county system.

I would like to get a copy of the 1972 year book if anyone has it. I have been online and trying to find a copy
for sometime.

i was among the last graduating class of M.C. Napier would love to get up with some school mates if anyone knows how i can get my hands on a yearbook i would be most appreciative,,that school was a blast i hate seeing it just sit there like it is they could use if for something or preserve it considering it was a big time landmark

I attended the MCNapierHight School and graduated in 1969. I really hate to see the school that i loved attending and still love the memories of the 4 years i went there and graduated in 1969. To see that it has fallen into such disrepair . Does anyone know what is going to be done with the school? I would like to be hear from any of my class mates that i attended during those 4 years… Mona Young , Carter Wayne Brewer, Linda Day, Bertha Day , and any others that i attended classes with…

M. C. Napier opened in the fall of 1952. My mother started teaching there that first year. I still have her yearbook from that year. She continued there until 1977.

Your mother must have known my father who was principal there around 1958 or so. His name was Vernon Miniard. We came there from Vicco. My mother, Frances Miniard taught at Dilce Combs. What was your mother’s name?

If they are not going to use it, tear it down, reuse the bricks to build something. Don't let it stand abandoned, or abused .

i think who ever decides to buy the old school should use it for a remember site for asll those that attended the school i went there an so did my mother an we loved the school

Your facts are mistaken. Mc Napier gradueated its last class in May of 1995. As did Dilce Combs. The consolidated highschool began its first classes that fall.

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