Windsor School

Windsor School is a former school located in the Walnut Hills neighborhood of Cincinnati, Ohio.

The Windsor School was designed by Henry E. Siter 5 and constructed in 1888. 4 A gymnasium was added in 1918.

As early as 1971, Windsor was on the list of schools that should be replaced or closed due to inadequate wiring, faulty pipes, crowded conditions, and poor restrooms. 3 Only eight toilets served 380 children and 27 teachers. 4 The school closed in June 2004 as part of the district’s ten-year plan to rehabilitate or rebuild nearly every facility within the city. 4 Because of declining enrollment, the school merged with Douglass School before relocating completely to a new $10.8 million complex on Kemper Road in 2006.

The Windsor School building was auctioned in July 2009 and the John J. Schiff III Foundation acquired the complex for $225,000. 2 It had proposed rehabilitating the buildings for art glass studios and workshops for its Neusole Glassworks gallery and offices.



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I can recall going to classes here, Never went to Kindergarten, My Daddy said we went to school too long as it was so I started first grade when I was 6. My Daddy would walk me to school and take me to my classroom (Mrs. Vogel) I cried when he left and followed him out of the class room to the lil store by the school, He took me by the hand and I can still hear him saying “This hurts my heart more than you know Nellie but the law says you must go to school” I stayed the second time and cried most of the day. I also remember in 5th grade that we had Mr. Schuster for gym, He was a good gym teacher. Also remember Arbor day, Taking a tree (twig) home to plant and watch it grow. Also had May Day on May 1st and danced around the may pole with the crape paper and when we were done it was beautiful.

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