One of the larger backlogs in the Abandoned collection are my photographs of disused rail lines throughout the Midwest. The Railfanning in Ohio update covers the Marietta and Cincinnati Railroad, Little Miami Railroad and the Cincinnati & Muskingum Valley.

Marietta and Cincinnati

The Marietta and Cincinnati Railroad (M&C) is a defunct railroad that connected Cincnnnati, Ohio to Parkersburg, West Virginia. Through acquisitions during the 1800s, the M&C commanded over 270 miles of railroad, from Cincinnati to Marietta and south to Portsmouth and Hillsboro. The line was later absorbed into the Baltimore & Ohio Southwestern, and some of the route has been dismantled.

The M&C was chartered on March 8, 1845 as the Belpre and Cincinnati Railroad (B&C) to connect to either to Parkersburgh, Virginia, or Harmer, Ohio in Washington County. The route west would be through the Hocking Valley via Athens or Chillicothe, to some point on the Little Miami Railroad between Plainville in Hamilton County and the mouth of Obanon Creek in Clermont County near Cincinnati.

Construction began in the spring of 1851 and the 173-mile line opened from Harmar to the Little Miami Railroad at Loveland in 1857. The M&C/B&O SW absorbed through acquisitions, the Hillsboro and Cincinnati, the Ohio and Mississippi, the Union Railroad, the Columbus and Cincinnati Midland and the Scioto and Hocking Valley.

By 1900, the M&C formally merged with the B&O Southwest (SW), which became the Chessie System in 1973 and CSX in 1986.

In 1985, the last through train was moved between Greenfield and Parkersburg. Soon after, the tracks were removed between Greenfield and Athens. The tracks through Athens and eastward to Parkersburg remained in place due to rumored coal trains that were to be needed along the Ohio River. But the increase in traffic never occurred, and the line from Athens east was dismantled in November 1991. Through CSX traffic is routed either north at Willard or south through Huntington, West Virginia.

Little Miami Railroad

Other updates include the addition of several photographs of the Little Miami Railroad from the Pendleton Yards to Loveland.

Cincinnati and Muskingum Valley Railroad

The Cincinnati & Muskingum Valley connected the cities of Morrow, Wilmington, Washington Court House, Circleville, Zanesville and Trinway in Ohio.  The C&MV was incorporated in 1851, and was completed from Morrow to Zanesville by 1856. It foreclosed only seven years later, and reorganized into the Cincinnati & Zanesville. In 1870, the Pennsylvania Railroad (PRR) took control over the C&MV, and extended the railroad to Trinway. In 1911, the C&MV consolidated into the Cleveland, Akron & Cincinnati Railroad (CA&C). In 1924, the Zanesville Division was absorbed by the PRR Cincinnati Division, which consolidated into the Pittsburgh, Ohio & Detroit Railroad one year later.

By 1968, the line had become the Morrow Branch, Zanesville Branch, and Twinway Branch of the Pennsylvania Central Columbus Division.

The line west of Wilmington was dismantled in 1976 when the connecting line, the Little Miami, part of the Pennsylvania’s Cincinnati & Xenia Branch, Cincinnati Division, was abandoned.