Cincinnati & Muskingum Valley Railroad

Railroad / Ohio

The Cincinnati & Muskingum Valley Railroad connected the cities of Morrow, Wilmington, Washington Court House, Circleville, Zanesville and Trinway in Ohio.

The Cincinnati & Muskingum Valley Railroad was incorporated in 1851 and was completed from Morrow to Zanesville by 1856. 1 It was foreclosed in 1863 and reorganized as the Cincinnati & Zanesville (C&Z). In 1870, the Pennsylvania Railroad (PRR) took control over the C&Z and extended the line to Trinway. By 1905, there were five daily passenger trains to and from Zanesville along the C&Z.

In 1911, the C&Z was consolidated into the Cleveland, Akron & Cincinnati Railroad (CA&C), becoming a part of the PRR’s Zanesville Division. In 1924, the Zanesville Division was absorbed by PRR’s Cincinnati Division, which consolidated into the Pittsburgh, Ohio & Detroit Railroad in 1925. 1 In 1928, the Morrow to Twinway segment was ceded to PRR’s Panhandle Division.

By 1968, the C&Z had separated into the Morrow Branch, Zanesville Branch, and Twinway Branch of PRR’s Central Columbus Division. 1 The line west of Wilmington was dismantled in 1976 when the connecting line, the Little Miami Railroad, part of the PRR’s Cincinnati & Xenia Branch, was abandoned.


Morrow to Wilmington

Wilmington to Washington Court House

Washington Court House to Circleville


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