The story of a forgotten America.





Revisiting Jeannette Glass

Some time back, I revisited Jeannette Glass in Pennsylvania as I came across an outdated article regarding its pending demolition. Fearing that Jeannette could be gone sooner rather than later, I packed my bags, hopped into my car, dialed up some music and pointed my compass east.


The ruins of downtown Wheeling, West Virginia. Nearly an entire block of historic buildings – some of them very recently occupied, has been cleared for parking and grassy lots. Across the street, more historic building stock was cleared in the summer for more open space.

Ohio Edison

Ohio Edison Mad River Powerplant

The Ohio Edison Mad River power plant in Springfield, Ohio was opened on October 2, 1927 and was dubbed “The Giant of the Miami Valley.” Designed by Springfield architect William K. Shilling, the power plant was located at the confluence of Buck Creek and the Mad River. After years of disuse, the complex was razed in 2010.

Lafayette Building

The Lafayette

Many moons ago, I had the opportunity to explore the Lafayette Building in downtown Detroit, Michigan with two friends. It was a blustery, cold Sunday morning and there was not a soul out. No pedestrians and very few cars. In retrospect, I wish I had spent more time at the Lafayette. I only saw the interior once and that was brief – it was more photogenic than I imagined despite years of abuse and alterations.

Springfield, Ohio’s Arcade

Noted as the second oldest arcade in the United States, Springfield, Ohio’s downtown Arcade was demolished in 1988. The Arcade was adjacent to the Esplanade, and was a leading example of Romanesque, Italianate and Monumental architecture. It was bounded by S. Fountain Ave., E. High Street, Washington Street and Primrose Alley.

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