The Longaberger Company is a manufacturer of handcrafted maple wood baskets based near Newark, Ohio. At its peak in 2000, Longaberger boasted of sales at over $1 billion annually with thousands on the payroll. Today, the company has $100 million in sales and just 35 employees.

Their former corporate headquarters, shaped like the company’s iconic Medium Market Basket, is a well-known landmark. The seven-story, 180,000 square-foot building was constructed by NBBJ and Korda Nemeth Engineering and opened in 1997.

Longaberger stopped paying property taxes on their headquarters in 2014 owing to the precarious finances of the company and vacated the premises in July 2016. While the iconic building was once offered for sale for a mere $5 million, it is now in foreclosure after finding no buyers. The complex has since been vandalized and is in need of some tender loving care.