Totuskey Creek Store

Silos from the abandoned Totuskey Creek Store reflect in Totuskey Creek.

The Totuskey Creek Store is an abandoned mercantile stand along the still waters of Totuskey Creek near Warsaw, Virginia.

Totuskey Creek, a marshy waterway that flows into the Rappahannock River, has long been a commercial hub dating back to the colonial era when a tobacco shipping warehouse stood along the creek. After the local decline of tobacco fields, the inlet remained valuable for local farmers and timber outfits, with many small sawmills scattered along the shoreline.

The Totuskey Bridge Store, a mercantile stand, was constructed circa 1840s and served as a principal depot for most of the grain, wood, and timber shipped from the county. Larger vessels brought in raw materials, such as coal. Granaries were later built at the site.

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