The story of a forgotten America.

Remains of Blue Sulphur Springs

The Blue Sulphur Spr…

The Blue Sulphur Springs Resort is an all but demolished and forgotten springs resort in Greenbrier County, West Virginia. Named for the iridescent color of the sulfur spring, it was believed that the 53° sulfur water from the spring could be a remedy for many diseases and ailments. A 200 room resort was constructed by George Washington Buster in 1834 and it included Tartarean ovens, a special bathhouse where hot mineral water and vapor baths were administered, and a room where the nation’s first curative mud baths were installed.

Owing to competition, the resort at Blue Sulphur Springs closed in 1859. The resort was repurposed for the Baptists of Virginia who educated ministers at the site until the Civil War forced its closure. All but the springs pavilion was burned by the Union in 1864 to prevent the Confederates from using the site as an outpost.

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