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Big Sandy River Locks & Dams
Transportation / Kentucky, West Virginia

The Big Sandy River and its tributaries, flowing southward from Catlettsburg, historically featured a series of locks and dams.

Kentucky River Lock & Dam No. 14
Transportation / Kentucky

The Kentucky River features a series of 14 locks and dams, some operational and some closed, stretching from Carrollton to Beattyville, Kentucky.

Ohio River Lock No. 34
Transportation / Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia

The Ohio River once had a network of 53 wicket-style dams and locks, which were progressively replaced by larger, more modern structures.

1963 Chevrolet Impala
Transportation / Kentucky, Massachusetts, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia

A gallery of abandoned vehicles, including automobiles, boats, and tractors, in the United States.

Lila Acheson Wallace
Transportation / New York

Lila Acheson Wallace was part of a fleet of vessels that cruised New York Harbor and other waterways, giving indigent children and their caregivers healthcare services to children, and health and nutrition education to their caregivers.

Upper Canada
Transportation / Ohio

Upper Canada was an automobile and passenger ferry that operated between 1949 and 2000 in Canada.

Cornell Steamboat Company Barges and Boats
Transportation / New York

Along Rondout Creek in Kingston, New York, are the remnants of barges from the Cornell Steamboat Company.

Ohio and Erie Canal
Transportation / Ohio

The Ohio and Erie Canal was a canal constructed between Cleveland and Portsmouth, Ohio, much of it abandoned after a severe flood in 1913.

Excello Lock No. 34 South - Miami and Erie Canal
Transportation / Ohio

The Miami and Erie Canal was a canal completed in 1845 between Cincinnati and Toledo, Ohio, creating a water route between the Ohio River and Lake Erie. Much of it was abandoned after a severe flood in 1913.

Green River Lock & Dam No. 4
Transportation / Kentucky

The Kentucky, Barren, and Rough River consists of seven active, closed, and demolished locks and dams.

Suwannee Belle
Transportation / Pennsylvania

The Suwannee Belle is an abandoned riverboat in east-central Pennsylvania. It was fabricated by Lacrosse Riverboat Company in LaCrosse, Wisconsin in 1985, and was patterned after the paddle wheeler Belle of Suwannee that previously floated along Florida’s Suwannee River.

Westinghouse Flood Gate
Transportation / Pennsylvania

The Westinghouse Flood Gate, located along Turtle Creek near East Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, prevented catastrophic floods within the Turtle Creek valley.

North Shore Road
Transportation / North Carolina

North Shore Road was a proposed two-lane scenic byway along the north shore of Fontana Lake at the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains west of Bryson City, North Carolina. Only portions of the 34.3-mile route were completed.

Airplane Graveyard
Transportation / Ohio

An airplane graveyard, part of a private collection by the late Walter Soplata, is located in the United States.

Laura VII
Transportation / Kentucky, Ohio

Bob Callihan’s concrete houseboat was constructed in Greenup, Kentucky in 1974-78, and subsequently launched into the Ohio River. It was later abandoned after floodwaters pushed it onto a bank where it remains today.

Spirit of Rochester
Transportation / New York

The Spirit of Rochester is an abandoned lunch and dinner cruise boat that operated between 1985 and 2004 in Rochester, New York.

United States Lightship Barnegat
Transportation / New Jersey

The Barnegat, abandoned at a marina in Camden, New Jersey, was built in 1904 to serve as a lightship near Cape May Lighthouse and Barnegat Inlet. It was later positioned at the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum in Maryland and at Penn’s Landing in Philadelphia.

USS Sachem
Transportation / Kentucky

The USS Sachem and USS Phenakite is an abandoned yacht that was used by the United States Navy from 1917 to 1919 and again from 1942 to 1945. It was later used as a tour boat before becoming abandoned on a small creek just yards from the Ohio River in northern Kentucky.

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