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Nazareth Speedway
Recreational / Pennsylvania

The Nazareth Speedway is an abandoned automobile race track in Pennsylvania.

Cooper Stadium
Recreational / Ohio

Cooper Stadium is an abandoned baseball stadium that was home to several minor league teams in Columbus, Ohio.

A view of The Cyclone at the abandoned Williams Grove Amusement Park.
Recreational / Pennsylvania

Williams Grove Amusement Park is an abandoned amusement park in Pennsylvania that operated from 1850 until 2005.

Recreational / Kentucky

Raceland is a former a horse racing track in Chinnville, Kentucky (now known as Raceland), operating between 1924 and 1928.

West Virginia Exposition & State Fair
Recreational / West Virginia

The West Virginia Exposition & State Fair in Wheeling, West Virginia closed in 1937. The exposition hall was reused as a skating rink and for storage in later years before burning to the ground on January 1, 2020.

Blue Horizon Boxing Ring
Recreational / Pennsylvania

Blue Horizon is a historic 1,346-seat former boxing venue in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Ring magazine voted it the number-one boxing venue in the world, and Sports Illustrated noted it as the last great boxing venue in the country. Blue Horizon has been featured in the films Rocky V and Annapolis.

West Virginia Motor Speedway
Recreational / West Virginia

West Virginia Motor Speedway, an abandoned dirt oval racetrack in north-central West Virginia, closed in 2013.

Bailey Park
Recreational / Ohio

Bailey Park is a semi-abandoned recreational facility with an old baseball stadium in Youngstown, Ohio.

Rubber Bowl
Recreational / Ohio

The Rubber Bowl is a former stadium in Akron, Ohio and was home to the University of Akron Zips football team from 1940 to 2008. It also hosted concerts, high school sports, and a professional football team.

Cleveland Aquarium
Recreational / Ohio

The Cleveland Aquarium is an abandoned aquarium located in Gordon Park in the Glenville neighbourhood of Cleveland, Ohio.