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Community / West Virginia

Thurmond is a storied town located along the New River in Fayette County, West Virginia. It was once the hub of local operations for the Chesapeake & Ohio Railway and the center of commerce.

Nuttallburg Coal Tipple
Community / West Virginia

Nuttallburg, located along the New River in Fayette County, West Virginia, was a coal mining venture that was spawned out of England-born entrepreneur John Nuttall.

Greenwood Mine Powerhouse
Community / West Virginia

Laurel Creek, located between the Greenwood and Backus Mountains in Fayette County, West Virginia, was home to numerous coal mines and camps.

Glen Rogers Hotel / Boarding House
Community / West Virginia

Glen Rogers is a former company town built by the Raleigh-Wyoming Mining Company in Wyoming County, West Virginia.

Rhodell, West Virginia
Community / West Virginia

Rhodell is a coal camp built by the Rhodell Coal Company in Raleigh County, West Virginia.

Itmann Company Store - First Floor
Community / West Virginia

Itmann is a coal camp developed by the Pocahontas Fuel Company in Wyoming County, West Virginia.

McKeesport, Pennsylvania
Community / Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia

A gallery of abandoned or neglected communities in the United States.

Fayette, West Virginia
Community / West Virginia

Fayette and South Fayette, West Virginia were established along the Chesapeake & Ohio Railroad (C&O) when it was completed through the New River Valley in January 1873.

Mullens, West Virginia
Community / West Virginia

Mullens, located along the Guyandotte River in Wyoming County, West Virginia, was the commercial center of the Winding Gulf coalfield.

Little Rock Assembly Church
Community / West Virginia

Thayer is a former coal camp built by the Empriam Creek Coal & Coke Company along the New River in West Virginia.

Kay Moor
Community / West Virginia

Kay Moor, West Virginia is a former Low Moor Iron company town. At its height, Kay Moor featured a coal mine and processing plant. Kay Moor was named for James Kay, a Low Moor Iron employee whose task was to construct the town at the base of the mountain.

Glencoe-Auburn Place
Community / Ohio

Glencoe-Auburn was a collection of 19th-century rowhouses in the Mt. Auburn neighborhood of Cincinnati, Ohio, characterized by single-colored pastel facades and a Gothic Revival-style hotel. It was Cincinnati’s first suburb.

8th Street District
Community / Illinois

Located at the confluence of the Mississippi and Ohio rivers surrounded by levees, Cairo, Illinois was strategically important during the Civil War but today is one of the poorest cities in the nation after decades of racial turbulence.

George Island Landing
Community / Maryland

Once noted as “Oyster Capital of the World,” George Island Landing is a declined oyster and crab fishing village in eastern Maryland.

Jewell Valley
Community / Virginia

Jewell Valley, Virginia is a former coal camp constructed by the Clinchfield Coal Company in the Buchanan coal field.

Alabaster, Michigan
Community / Michigan

Alabaster is a historic mining complex along the shores of Lake Huron in Michigan. It consists of an open-pit gypsum mine and the remains of processing buildings, shops, offices, houses, and outbuildings. It also contains an abandoned railroad and the remains of an elevated marine tramway that spans 1½ miles into Saginaw Bay.

Littleton, West Virginia
Community / West Virginia

Littleton is a former town in Wetzel County, West Virginia and has the distinction of having the lowest per capita income in the state at $6,036 – one of the lowest in the United States. Over half of the population of 198 are below the poverty line.

Shadyside Village, Pennsylvania
Community / Pennsylvania

Shadyside Village, better known as Yellow Dog, is a mostly vacant community along Buffalo Creek in Armstrong County, Pennsylvania. As of 1987, the village boasted 148 residents, 35 dogs, and “innumerable” number of cats.

Pickens, West Virginia
Community / West Virginia

Pickens, West Virginia was founded in the 1890s as a lumber and coal mining community.

Community / Maryland

Wilson, Maryland, along the North Branch Potomac River and West Virginia Central & Pittsburg Railway, was developed around the timber industry.