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Westinghouse Atom Smasher
Industry / Pennsylvania

The Westinghouse Atom Smasher was an electrostatic nuclear accelerator operated by the Westinghouse Electric Corporation at their Research Laboratories in Forest Hills, Pennsylvania. The 5 MeV electrostatic nuclear accelerator was instrumental in the development of applications of nuclear science for energy production and marked the beginning of nuclear research for civilian applications.

Vesuvius Furnace
Industry / Kentucky, Maryland, Ohio, Virginia

The production of pig iron, munitions, and tools in the Between Rivers, Green River, Hanging Rock, Red River, and Rolling Fork Iron Regions in Kentucky, Ohio, and West Virginia, as well as other regions of the United States, was facilitated by the availability of charcoal timber, iron ore, and limestone as raw materials for the furnaces.

Skyline Preparation Plant
Industry / Kentucky

The Skyline Preparation Plant is an abandoned coal preparation facility in Breathitt County, Kentucky.

Baker Castor Oil Company
Industry / Indiana, Kentucky, Massachusetts, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, West Virginia

A gallery of abandoned industries in the United States.

O.H. Hutchings Electric Generating Station
Industry / Ohio

Hutchins Power Station is a former coal-fired power plant near Dayton, Ohio, that is being redeveloped into a residential and recreational complex.

National Tube Company Lorain Works
Industry / Ohio

A formerly integrated steel mill, once owned by U.S. Steel’s subsidiary National Tube and later Republic Steel, among others, is located in Lorain, Ohio.

Merchants Ice & Cold Storage
Industry / Kentucky

Merchants Ice & Cold Storage is a former cold storage facility in the Smoketown neighborhood of Louisville, Kentucky. The complex was originally a part of the Schaefer-Meyer and Frank Fehr breweries.

Texas Company Oil Refinery
Industry / Kentucky

The Texas Company Oil Refinery is an abandoned oil refinery once owned by Oleum, Great Southern, Texas Company, and Ashland Oil & Refining in Lee County, Kentucky.

McClung’s Mill
Industry / West Virginia

The McClung Mill is a disused gristmill in rural Monroe County, West Virginia.

Elmer Smith Power Plant
Industry / Kentucky

The Elmer Smith Power Plant is a closed coal power plant in Owensboro, Kentucky.

Old Taylor Distillery
Industry / Kentucky

Old Taylor Distillery is a formerly abandoned distillery along Glenn’s Creek near Frankfort, Kentucky. The complex is currently being restored for Castle & Key, an upstart distillery.

Industry / West Virginia

The McNeel Mill is a former circa 1865 mill in Mill Point, West Virginia that ground cornmeal, cracked corn, and buckwheat. The building, after years of neglect, has been restored.

Falls of Rough Mill
Industry / Kentucky

The Falls of Rough Mill is an abandoned and partially collapsed mill along the Rough River in Falls of Rough, Kentucky.

Westmoreland Glass Company
Industry / Pennsylvania

Westmoreland Glass Company is a former glass manufacturer in Grapeville, Pennsylvania.

Victor Brewing Company
Industry / Pennsylvania

The Victor Brewing Company, a former brewery, was located in Jeannette, Pennsylvania. It was in operation from 1908 to 1941 and was then sold to Fort Pitt Brewery and remained in operation until 1955. The buildings were then used by the Papercraft Corporation until the mid-1970’s.

Eagle Rock Lime Kilns
Industry / Virginia

The abandoned lime kilns at Eagle Rock, Virginia were operated by a series of entities between 1878 and 1954.

Armco Steel Ashland Works Amanda Blast Furnace
Industry / Kentucky

Armco Steel/AK Steel Ashland Works was an integrated steel mill near Ashland, Kentucky. It contained two pig-iron blast furnaces, a basic oxygen furnace, a continuous caster, coating line, and other production facilities. At its height, the 700-acre plant also featured a coke facility and a hot strip.

Chinn Mine
Industry / Kentucky

Chinn Mine is an abandoned calcite mine turned tourist attraction, restaurant, and gasoline station located across the mouth of Shawnee Run along the Kentucky River in Brooklyn, Kentucky.

Crosley Radio Building
Industry / Ohio

The Crosley Radio Building in Cincinnati, Ohio was home to Crosley Radio, the largest manufacturer of table-top radios in the nation.

Industry / Tennessee

Briceville is a former coal camp developed by the Knoxville Iron Company in Anderson County, Tennessee.

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