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Industry / West Virginia

The McNeel Mill is a former circa 1865 mill in Mill Point, West Virginia that ground cornmeal, cracked corn, and buckwheat. The building, after years of neglect, has been restored.

Vesuvius Furnace
Industry / Kentucky, Ohio

Charcoal timber, iron ore, and limestone supplied material for numerous furnaces that produced pig iron, munitions, and tools in the Between Rivers, Green River, Hanging Rock, Red River, and Rolling Fork Iron Regions in Kentucky, Ohio, and West Virginia.

Armco Steel Ashland Works Amanda Blast Furnace
Industry / Kentucky

Armco Steel Ashland Works, now a part of AK Steel, is a mostly closed integrated steel mill near Ashland, Kentucky. It contains a mothballed pig-iron blast furnace, basic oxygen furnace, continuous caster, coating line, and other production facilities. At its height, the 700-acre plant also featured a coke facility, another pig-iron blast furnace, and a hot strip.

Moser Leather Company
Industry / Indiana

The Moser Leather Company was a manufacturer of high-grade leather for harnesses and collar manufacturers in New Albany, Indiana.

Marble Hill Nuclear Power Plant
Industry / Indiana

Marble Hill Nuclear Power Plant was a never-completed nuclear power plant in Marble Hill, Indiana.

National Copper & Smelting Company
Industry / Ohio

The National Copper and Smelting Company was a manufacturer of seamless drawn copper and brass tubing in Cleveland, Ohio. After relocating, the site was used by Woodhill Supply and by the American Heart Association for the storage of rubber ducks.

Magee Mine
Industry / Pennsylvania

Magee Mine is a former coal mine that operated between 1908 and 1954 in Yukon, Pennsylvania. It was named for James Magee, a member of the company’s original board of directors.

Stuyvesant Motor Company
Industry / Ohio

The Hudson-Stuyvesant Motor Company was a producer of Stiverson automobiles and dealer of Hudsons along “Automobile Row” in Cleveland, Ohio.

Ferry Cap & Screw Company
Industry / Ohio

The Ferry Cap and Screw Company manufactured cold-headed, high-strength precision fasteners in Cleveland, Ohio.

Tip Top Cereal Company
Industry / Ohio

The Tip Top Cereal Company was a cereal manufacturer along Canal Road in Cleveland, Ohio.

Warner & Swasey
Industry / Ohio

The Warner & Swasey Company is a former manufacturer of machine tools, instruments and speciality equipment in Cleveland, Ohio. It was best known for its astronomical telescopes and turret lathes for astronomical observatories and military installations. Founded as a partnership in 1880 by Worcester Reed Warner and Ambrose Swasey, the main factory was located at Carnegie Avenue and East 55th Street.

New Castle Refractories
Industry / Pennsylvania

New Castle Refractories was a producer of refractory and fire brick along Industrial Street in New Castle, Pennsylvania.

Richman Brothers
Industry / Ohio

The Richman Brothers Company is a former manufacturer and distributor of men’s suits, furnishings and hats in Cleveland, Ohio. It operated a tailoring plant, a national network of stores and an office complex.

Chinn Mine
Industry / Kentucky

Chinn Mine is an abandoned calcite mine turned tourist attraction, restaurant, and gasoline station located across the mouth of Shawnee Run along the Kentucky River in Brooklyn, Kentucky.

Hercules Motors
Industry / Ohio

Hercules Motors is a formerly abandoned factory that manufactured gasoline engines on Market Avenue South in Canton, Ohio.

John A. Barry Distillery
Industry / Kentucky

The John A. Barry Distillery, later known as Old Poindexter distillery, is an abandoned brandy and bourbon distillery in Ekron, Kentucky.

Universal Atlas Cement (Buffington Harbor)
Industry / Indiana

The Universal Atlas Cement Company is an abandoned Portland cement plant near Gary, Indiana.

A. Overholt and Company
Industry / Pennsylvania

The A. Overholt & Company is an abandoned whiskey distillery in West Overton, Pennsylvania that operated from 1800 and 1987.

Budd Company
Industry / Pennsylvania

The Budd Company’s Philadelphia, Pennsylvania plant manufactured railroad cars, airframes, automobile components, and other industrial products.

Freibofer Baking Company
Industry / Pennsylvania

The Freibofer Baking Company is a long-abandoned bakery in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.